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Hello All,

I am currently running a campaign through a news pub, and was wondering if it is possible to just run reporting in Marketo for a campaign. The news pub is taking care of the landing page, but I would like to be able to have the leads from the campaign run directly into Salesforce through Marketo? Is this possible, or do I need to have the entire campaign live in Marketo to do reporting?


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Re: Reporting

If your 'news pub' is setting up its own landing page, you won't get anonymous lead records created for those that click the link in their content, which is not optimal.  Ideally they should come to your landing page with munchkin or a Marketo landing page.

Is there a form on your 'news pub's' LP?  How are you getting the form submissions into Marketo - via list import, embedded Marketo form, Marketo form in iframe, server-side form post or API?

For reporting and analytics (if you have RCE), you should set up a Marketo program to track these form submissions.  You can sync the program to a SFDC campaign if you want, but SFDC campaigns take up expensive data storage and may not provide a lot of benefit depending on your processes.

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Re: Reporting

As Elliott has mentioned - how are you getting the data from the landing page that has been created by the News pub?  If you've given them a form to embed then you can track those form fills and assign to a program and specific SFDC campaign.  However if you're just uploading data on a regular basis you'll need to create a program to track the list uploads for that campaign and then decide on what is a 'success' factor for the program and SFDC campaign.