Reporting for a drip campaign

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Reporting for a drip campaign

Hi there, 

We just set up a 4 email drip campaign using an engagement program set up. If they didn't reach our MQL score, they would then be passed to one of nurtures.

I was hoping to get some insight on creating some reporting for this. I'd want to see how many people entered in the drip, what they responded to, how many converted to MQL, how many people ended up in Procurement nurture (and then what happened to them). 

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Re: Reporting for a drip campaign

My first thought is to use a Program Performance report which will show you the number of people who are members of your engagement program, along with the number or percent reach who reach MQL. This assumes you're setting the "success" for your engagement program as becoming an MQL, and that each email within the nurture is a nested program with a success step based on if a person engages with the email.  If you're using email assets within the engagement program, you could use an email performance report together with the program performance report.

For a broader level of lifecycle reporting and velocity/movement between phases, check out Understanding Revenue Models - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation if you're not already using a Revenue Model.