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Report on multiple campaigns in one report


Want to look at building reports / or access information in a spreadsheet that show lead activity across multiple campaigns, that all contribute to a common 'program'.

Ideally we would be able to see the following in a single spreadsheet:

- lead details (name, phone etc)

- lead activity broken into campaigns (registered to webinar, opened email, attended to webinar)

Any thoughts on achieving this ?

Your help is much appreciated!


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Re: Report on multiple campaigns in one report

Hi Christopher,

Can you provide more details on how your campaigns/programs are structured? What are the campaigns to report on? What do you define as your "common program? This would allow me to get a clearer understanding of what you want to do.

Also, reporting lead details (name, email, etc) can be achieved using smartlists (Reports don't provide lead details, but rather counts and aggregated stats).

A good way to report on programs is to use the Program Performance report. Although it does not give granular details on the specific status, you do get the conversion N and % of your program and have the ability to compare different program types (webinar, event, email, etc) based on success criteria defined at your channel level.   If you chose Program Performance Reports and go to Setup tab, you'll have the ability to select specific programs to report on.

Here is a workaround to get more granular views on Marketo Reports.

1) Build a smartlist for each group of leads that you want to report on (Ex: (registered to webinar A, opened email B, attended to webinar C)

2) Create a Lead Performance report. Under the setup tab, select Custom Columns and drag in your report as a new component.

3) Edit the custom column element, and select the smartlists created in step 1

This will build a crosstab of lead counts vs each dimension built in your smartlists (registered to webinar A, opened email B, attended to webinar C)

Hope this helps,