Report on Form Fills by Email Program

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Report on Form Fills by Email Program

Hello, first of all I hope that I have posted this in the right place.

This may be something blindingly obvious but it is driving me mad trying to work it out.

Is there a way in which I can display a report that shows me how many form fills each form has got and which email campaign they have got to the landing page from.

I want to see which email campaigns have generated form fills for which campaigns, basically.

1) Am I going down the right route or is there another way to do this?

2) Is it even possible to see this information?

3) I am sure it must be possible to do this rather than having to individually create smart lists (or Email report with a smart list) "Was sent email = 'X'" and "Member of program = 'Webinar'"?

Help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Report on Form Fills by Email Program

Hey Lee,

LP performance reports aren't as customizable and friendly as other reports in marketo, so we also have to use smart lists to track this information. We've recently implemented UTMs though which allow us to just pull a form fill list and we look at the "UTM term" to understand which email drove which form fills. I'd be happy to talk about that in more depth if you'd like!

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Re: Report on Form Fills by Email Program

Hi Lee,

This belongs to the product section, rather than Marketing discussions. You would have more answers if you move it there.

What you need to implement is an attribution system based on UTM parameters that you would add to email links. This will enable you to capture the exact source (down to which CTA in the email) that triggers each form fill out.

Search the community for attribution and UTM keywords, you will find plenty of resources.