Replicating a Field that updates Multiple Fields

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Replicating a Field that updates Multiple Fields

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I'm wondering if anyone can provide some insight into mapping a single SFDC custom field to both a lead and contact record field in SFDC. For example:


I believe when we first setup the SFDC sync within our instance we were able to map the fields per these steps:

However, now that Marketo and SFDC are synced, this is no longer an option.

I’ve run into some issues by creating the field I want in SFDC and then both displaying in Field Management separately:

Marketo Job Role 1.pngMarketo Job Role 2.png

Obviously, it is not ideal to have two job role fields with confusing parenthetical   denotations (L)=contact record and ( C)= lead record – this was appended by SFDC.

I just want one SFDC Custom Field = Job Role and I would like that to map to both the lead and contact job role fields.

If you know how to make this magic happen I would be grateful if you shared your wisdom!


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Re: Replicating a Field that updates Multiple Fields

Hey Sarah, this should walk you through it in 3 quick steps.

Edit Initial Field Mappings - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Replicating a Field that updates Multiple Fields

Hi Chris - This feature is only accessible before the initial sync to Salesforce! Once the Sync Now button is pressed, this can no longer be done. We figured out that when using a Marketo-created custom field, we need to contact Marketo Support and have them map to the SFDC field.