Remove Members from Welcome Batch?

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Remove Members from Welcome Batch?


I've run into a problem where I used two actual leads and their information in a test run of a Welcome Batch campaign in a Program, and the emails were sent to me (so they never received a thing), but now I don't know how to remove them as members of the program so that when I do sent the real email they can receive it. I don't want to delete the leads because it will delete them in SFDC. Is there a way to remove them from the Marketo program without altering their SFDC records?

Does anyone have some advice or have run into a similar problem?

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Re: Remove Members from Welcome Batch?

Hi Teresa,

Remove from program: go to the program, hit the "members" tab, select the leads and then "change program status"-> Not In program

Remove from a smart campaign: go to the smart campaign, hit the "members" tab, select the 2 leads, right click, then "remove from flow"

Attention, removing from the program will not remove them from any SC within this program.