Reminder Alerts after No Notification

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Reminder Alerts after No Notification

I apologize as I am a new learning trying to understand Marketo & Salesforce.

We are receiving MQC Reminders from a campaign when no alert was set within the Campaign. I am aware of how to set a alert within a campaign however this was not set at all. Is it that any activity from the contact will send a reminder to the sales rep regardless of a alert being set.

Typically we would receive notification and assign as a task as a MQL,normally MQC are not a fast track and there is nothing in the activity log or history of the MQC being assigned or notified, only the reminder 3 days after they fill out the web form.

Any explanation on why this happens or how we can change it? We have the SFDC integration which is where it syncs to.

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Re: Reminder Alerts after No Notification

Hey Tara, if these reminders are coming as alerts from Marketo, you can track down the campaign that is sending them. You want to go into the lead record of one of the leads that alerts are being sent for. In the Activity Log, you can view the alerts sent, and all the way in the right column it will tell you the associated smart campaign that caused the alert to be sent.

That would be the first thing that I'd do to try to figure out why alerts were going out.