Re: Rejected leads: Any feedback loop?

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Rejected leads: Any feedback loop?

Hello Everyone, I am looking to understand how to process the rejected leads. 
Lets say I have a customer who is at the final stage of my revenue cycle but failed to make a deal/transaction. Now I am looking to send him/her backwards in my revenue cycle and nurture him/her.
I am calling it a feedback loop.

Just to clarify: My revenue cycle: Unknown ==> Known ==> Target ==> Lead ==> opportunity ==> Customer

Suppose customer A passed all the stages till opportunity but failed to become a customer. Now I would like to send him backwards to nurture and let him pass through the stages again before the sales team reaches out the second time. 
I am looking for a few recommendations on this. 

Kindly let me know if you have any thoughts 


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Re: Rejected leads: Any feedback loop?

Hi @ashwankumar - As per my past experience, you should assign them a new stage "Recycle". 

Rejected is the status/stage for the people who are inappropiate/non-eligible to be the customer.

People which are in recycle can be push through the nurture and if they gets engaged again then they can start their journey again from "lead" stage after "recycle" stage. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

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Re: Rejected leads: Any feedback loop?

To add to this, you may also have people who are rejected or recycled at earlier steps in the process as well. Maybe once you learn a person's industry, they become rejected because you do not sell to that industry. Or perhaps sales rejects a lead before they becomes an opportunity because it's a vendor trying to sell to you.


These are very common detours to set up for "maybe I'll sell to you in the future" (recycle) and "I will never sell to this person (rejected/disqualified).

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Re: Rejected leads: Any feedback loop?

Agree with @EllenSchwier and @SaurabhGoyal_GN that you should implement RECYCLE.

You can also add a recycle hold status - so that recycled leads are held for say 30 to 60 days so they don't get presented to your Customer Service/Inside sales teams if the lead is not ready to engage too soon.


This will depend on your business and cadence of pipeline. Allow any Hand Raise/ Contact Sales / MQL form fills or status to pass through the hold status  immediately.