Referral program without referral offer feature

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Referral program without referral offer feature

We haven't yet subscribed to the referral offer feature, but would like to run a small referral program with our clients. I tested the program using a standard form, just changed the hint text to indicate that our clients should enter their referral information rather than their own information - the issue (probably obvious to folks using Marketo longer than I have) is that when I entered fake referral contact information into the form, it is overwriting my existing information in Salesforce with my fake referral information rather than creating a new lead. 

Wondering if anyone has suggestions on a better way to do this. 

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Re: Referral program without referral offer feature

For our referral program we change the form labels in the form settings and they appear like below
Friends First Name (First Name)
Friends Last Name (Last Name
Friend Business Email (Company Name)
Friend Job Function (Title)
Friend Phone Number (Phone)
Comments (Lead Notes)
Your Full Name (Referrer Name) Custom Field
Your Company Name (Referrer Company) Custom Field
Your Business Email (Referrer Email) Custom Field

The only down side is that it cookies the referrer as the lead.

The up side is you can send a referral email that says

Referrer Name from Referrer Company asked me to follow up with you..

Does that help?

Good luck!

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Re: Referral program without referral offer feature

Basically, you need custom JavaScript to clear the cached information on the form each time it's loaded.

Once this is in place, every form submission will create a new lead, assuming that the email address doesn't match one that is existing in Marketo.

We gave credit to the referred by using a hidden field with a URL parameter that housed the referrer's Salesforce ID.