Recycling Leads

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Recycling Leads

Hi all,

I have specific request to recyle leads based on these criterias:

- If opportunity is closed won, the recycling should be done after X months.

- If opportunity is closed lost, the recycling should be done after Y months.

- If I have multiple opportunities in the same time, the first opportunity to reach the criterias to the recyling, the rules of this opportunity status will be activated.

Do you have any idea, how to implement this rules.

Thank you,

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Re: Recycling Leads

It would be helpful to understand a little about the industry. Are you recycling in the same programs? I would suggest that I would market to a past customer and someone who didn't purchase in different ways and thus put them into different campaigns.

I'd complete a Batch Campaign Daily to Check for Lead Status Changes in the last 24 hours.

Generic Logic:

Remove From All Existing Programs

If Closed/Won add to Smart List A (with x day wait step)

If Closed/Lost & Not in Smart List A add to Smart List B (with y day wait step)