RCE question - MQL

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RCE question - MQL

We utilize RCE and have developed a multitude of dashboards to derive diverse insights. However, I am encountering a challenge in effectively visualizing the program names that have contributed to MQL creation within a specified month. Has anyone navigated this scenario before? Specifically, which RCE dashboard did you employ to extract and display this particular data set? Any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Re: RCE question - MQL

You might be able to use a Lead Analysis Report if you're stamping MQL Date and MQL Program on the person record. You would need to sync both of those fields to RCE as dimensions. In the Lead Analysis Report, you could then use MQL Program for your Row, Number of Leads for your Metric, and use MQL Date as a filter to set your timeframe. One consideration is whether records can MQL multiple times. If so, it may make sense to use Last MQL Date and Last MQL Program fields instead to show the most recent MQLs. 


Another option outside of RCE is using a Person Performance Report. Using the same fields noted above, you could group people by MQL Program (or Last MQL Program) under the setup tab, and use MQL Date (or Last MQL Date) as a filter in your smart list to set the time frame.