"Used by" impossible to change type

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"Used by" impossible to change type

Hi community, 

I am trying to change the type of several fields that are being used as tokens. I've deleted them from every asset in which they have been inserted, however, it still says that it is "used by" those assets. Those fields have been formated via email script and I have even deleted that script but again, it keeps being "used".

Could you please give me some recommendations about how to proceed? 

Thank you very much!! 

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Re: "Used by" impossible to change type

Hi Nerea,

What asset type is Marketo saying the field is tied to? Is it all assets, or just particular assets? 

I've recently gone through the process of archiving fields not longer is use and encountered a similar issue with email assets appearing under "Used By" despite the token being removed from both HTML and Plain Text versions. I discovered that by selecting "Copy from HTML" under the Plain Text email version would refresh the email, removing it from the Used By lookup on under field management.

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Re: "Used by" impossible to change type

Try un-checking them in the email scripts they're in