"No Score changes for ___" in Sales insight.

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"No Score changes for ___" in Sales insight.


I have a contact in salesforce where in the "score" tab in the sales insight box, it shows a blank screen and the phrase "No Score Changes for {contact name}".  I can see in Marketo that the same contact has an activity score of over 100, which is high for our oganization. The score tab seems to be working on other leads and contacts. Any ideas on what might be causing the issue?

Thank you!
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Re: "No Score changes for ___" in Sales insight.

Hi Jose,


Sounds like duplicate records. One record has all the score changes and activity because that's the one that is cookied and tracked by munchkin, while the one you're looking at is not cookied. See if you can confirm.

Are all your forms Marketo, or do you still have some web-to-lead forms?