"Lead Info --> Source" VS Lead Source (newb sorry)

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"Lead Info --> Source" VS Lead Source (newb sorry)

Hello, I'm struggling to understnd why I have SFDC "Lead Info" available in my leads database but I can't create a Smart List based on that field. I do have a field called "Lead Source" but that is clearly not the field I need, as all are blank coming from SFDC.

Sorry for the newbie question, just synced to SFDC and still trying to navigate. Thanks for any help!

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Re: "Lead Info --> Source" VS Lead Source (newb sorry)

Travis Staut

Hi there. No need to apologize for newbie questions.

First of all, where are you seeing "lead info" as a field? There is a tab called "Lead Info" on the Lead record in Marketo, but it's the name of a section rather than a specific field.

Second of all, what type of list are you trying to build? You are correct that your Lead Sources will be blank unless they have previously been populated in SFDC. But there may be another way to get at what you are looking for.