"Cannot Load Email" Error after editing template

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"Cannot Load Email" Error after editing template

Hi all,

After our developer edited our email template, all of the emails using that template are now giving me the "Cannot Load Email" error. When I preview the draft, it's as if I'm looking at all of the modules with sample text and images instead of seeing the email that was previously designed. In my experience, changes to modules didn't break the email. Does anyone know what might be happening here and if there's a fix?


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Re: "Cannot Load Email" Error after editing template

Hey Greg,

You're right that changes to the template shouldn't usually break emails based on that template.

In my experience this sort of issue tends to be either (a) the result of an error in the template code, or (b) a bug in the system. We'll be better able to help you get to the bottom of it if you provide a screenshot of the error + the original code vs the updated code.