Query String constraint with "AND" not "OR"

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Query String constraint with "AND" not "OR"

i have a situation with google dynamic query stings where i want to track 3 different parts of the query sting and they must have all. i can't just include the entire string asthere are dynamic parts in it that google adwords will add.

but if you list 3 things they are OR and i can't see how you can do advanced filters to make them AND

any ideas how i do this?

i want to track, for example:

query string contains= "utm_source=Google" AND "utm_campaign=Brand-Search-Beta"  AND "utm_creative=Connect-The-Dots"

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Re: Query String constraint with "AND" not "OR"

Hey Trish,

Are you also capturing the values for that querystring in hidden form fields? If so, you could skip the querystring filter entirely and just build a smart campaign such as:

Trigger: Filled Out Form

Filter 1: Field "utm_source" is "value"


Filter 2" Field "utm_campaign" is "value"