Push data from SurveyMonkey to Marketo

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Push data from SurveyMonkey to Marketo

Currently I'm testing the integration of SurveyMonkey with Marketo. One of the things I would like to do is to push data from Marketo of a lead to SurveyMonkey. For example the first name.

I have created a custom variable in SurveyMonkey. In the URL of the collector the following was added: &FirstName=[FirstName_value]

I replaced the last value by a Marketo token: &FirstName={{lead.First Name}}


While testing by sending an email with URL in it through Marketo, the After testing the URL in a Marketo email, the first name is come through in SurveyMonkey.

The weird thing is that the Marketo ID isn’t logged in SurveyMonkey after this change. So no data can be send from SurveyMonkey to Marketo.


Does anyone has experience with this and maybe a solution or hint?


So I am wondering. How can I ever analyse the results in relation to a person?

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