Purl tracking program

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Re: Purl tracking program

I would actually like to see the details posted here since Marketo implementation of PURLs has caused issues for us as well.  Although back in April, the product manager (Christina Fuentealba​) said enhancements were being made to fix this in the coming months.

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Re: Purl tracking program

Yeah, I've been waiting for a change in the official functionality because that'll make my workaround immediately obsolete (and inadvisable). Guess I shouldn't bother waiting... ?

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Re: Purl tracking program

Sanford - Trying to build out the following suggestions you had mentioned but i am stuck on how to build this out. How would you perform the following?

  • when the pURL is visited, immediately erase the existing _mkto_trk cookie* and reload the page
    • Is this done through custom programming or is it done through a smart campaign?
  • auto-submit a hidden form using a prefilled Email field so the session is associated
    • Can you please clarify how an auto-submit for the hidden form would be done?