Progressive Profiling + SFDC Custom Object Writing.

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Progressive Profiling + SFDC Custom Object Writing.

I'm looking to solve three birds with one stone, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to.

I'd like to use Marketo to have a lead fill out a form, then create a SFDC Custom Object associated with the lead. Right now, I'm able to do this by setting up a form push both to Marketo's SOAP API for lead creation and Salesforce's SOAP API for the Custom Object.

Of course, going through the API and not using an iframe causes the form to lose progressive profiling. However, I am still interested in having the feature.

The only solution I can think of thus far would be to use the Marketo API to call getLead and somehow check against fields filled out, but I can't seem to find any documentation supporting this (if it's even possible.) Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Progressive Profiling + SFDC Custom Object Writing.

It sounds like you're an advanced user, so I'll give you an advanced solution. 

I would capture the form submission using a Marketo form. Save the fields that need to go into the Custom Object into Marketo custom fields. Then use a webhook to call a script (PHP, .NET, Java, etc) and include all the Custom Object fields as parameters. The script will call the SFDC SOAP API to create the custom object. 

You may want to include the SFDC ID in the webhook call (if the lead/contact is already synced with SFDC). I believe that these are the tokens: 
  • {{lead.sfdc lead id}}
  • {{lead.sfdc contact id}}
(I may have the capitalization wrong, so please verify)
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Re: Progressive Profiling + SFDC Custom Object Writing.

Hi Courtney,

Another solution stands in SFDC only, if you have a SFDC Enterprise Edition, and we have tested it already :
  • On the lead object, you add the fields that are required to store the information required to create the custom object. You can do the same on the contact object if this may happen to a contact
  • You create a trigger in SFDC on the lead object that when a lead is created/updated and this fields are not empty, will read this field values and create the custom object instance, then will blank the fields in the lead. Then you do the same for th contact object.
  • When the form is posted, you sync the lead to SFDC in the flow that is triggered by a "fills out form" trigger in Marketo. SFDC will receive this information and the SFDC trigger will trigger and create the custom object instances. 
This solution might appear a little more complex than Jep's but its advantage is that is does not required any other skills that salesforce skills, that you may already have. It si also much more secure since you do not need to have a PHP script connecting to SFDC, which will require SFDC credentials be stored on the PHP script.