Program Attribution Reports

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Program Attribution Reports


By reading the articles for Attribution Explained and Attribution Reporting we have a question.

We have implemented a new instance of Marketo this year in April and we have only used the reports out of Marketo for less than 1 year. We currently operate with the Implicit Attribution Model, due to the fact that we cannot have the Contact Role mandatory on the Opportunities. We're almost 100% reporting the Programs Marketing Influenced Pipeline and Revenue from Marketo. We are using the Program Opportunity Analysis report to follow-up on each program's results.

Our concern is the accuracy of the reporting in time. What will happen when we will pass to the next year? Will next year created and closed-won opportunities continue to be attributed to 2019 created programs if Marketo finds successes in 2019 of people from the same Account?

Is it possible to restrict the period of time in which Marketo searches for Programs Success that happened before the Opportunity was created/closed?