Problem with a birthday email

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Problem with a birthday email

Hello all,


I am trying to set up a birthday email as in this article.


However, it has been requested that the birthday email be sent 7 days prior to the recipient’s birthday. Therefore, I created a field called mkto_rfbdemail in the lead database. This is a date field. Then, created a smart campaign to Change Data Value of mkto_rfbdemail to {{lead.Date of Birth}} - 7 days. This works.


The problem is when I set up the trigger and batch campaigns.


For the trigger campaign, I have the trigger set to Campaign is Requested is Marketo Flow Action. I set the flow to look at the anniversary of mkto_rfbdemail.


For this test, instead of sending the email I have the campaign add the recipients to a list.


For the batch, I have it set up to filter on mkto_rfbdemail is not empty, and in the flow step, request the trigger campaign. In both smart campaigns, a person can go through the flow once in 364 days.


When this ran this morning, the list contained 4000 recipients or the entire email universe for this property. There should have been no more than 20 recipients.


Where did I go wrong?

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Re: Problem with a birthday email

Hi Michael,

Would you share a screenshot of the flow steps in your trigger campaign? It should first have the wait step that looks for the anniversary, then the add to list flow step.

Per the article you don't need to set the qualification rules if you're using the wait step method - it's a separate approach.



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Re: Problem with a birthday email

Hi Beth,

I here is a screenshot of the flow for the trigger campaign. I am using a two step method of looking at the anniversary of the mkto_rfbdemail then in a separate step adding to the list. Let me know if you need anymore information