Prevent RTP Dialog from Closing on Click

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Prevent RTP Dialog from Closing on Click

Okay Marketo Community, here is the scenario: Dialog Box pops up with a single field form and CTA to "Reveal a Discount Code". After submission, the discount code replaces the form and the Dialog Lightbox remains on screen until the close button is clicked.

I currently have the functionality working for the Form and Discount Code reveal, but the Dialog Box closes moments after form submission, leaving little time to view the discount code. Does anyone know if I can include a script to override the Dialog Box closing after a click/form submission?



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Re: Prevent RTP Dialog from Closing on Click

Hey Ryan,

Can't be sure without seeing your code, but in my personal experience this is usually controlled by a javascript timeout. If you're able to find this in your code, it's likely to be what's causing it.