Prevent Alerts Going to Inactive Users

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Prevent Alerts Going to Inactive Users

Hi All,

Quick question about alerting. I've noticed that some of our alerts are being sent to sales reps that are no longer with the company (user account is marked inactive in SFDC). Right now, our Sales Operations team only transfers accounts after a rep leaves the company - so there are still leads "owned" by these inactive users. I was hoping to find a way to adjust my flow step (or create a segment) to check to see if the lead owner is active and has sales role (rather than support, operations, etc). That way I can add a choice to say if active sales user, send to lead owner, and default choice would be to send the alert to sales operations to assign/re-assign.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Re: Prevent Alerts Going to Inactive Users

Hi Erin,

This is a little tricky. As Marketo will not know the standard field, you will need an account field, type checkbox, and have that field been mapped and sync'ed with Marketo.

But the hard point is having this field populated. As you cannot create aa trigger on users in SFDC, you will need to have a batch apex code that reviews regularly all the users that were recently marked as inactive and mark the corresponding accounts, and does the opposite when eventually the accounts have been assigned to someone else.

As a complement, you can also create a workflow on accounts that, each tile an account in updated, checked whether the user is active or not and checks/unchecks the field.