Potential issue with Marketo - SFDC Sync

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Potential issue with Marketo - SFDC Sync

Hi all,

Our SFDC admin will be making some updates which when synced to SFDC will likely mean we hit our API limit and cause some Marketo records not to be updated.

Any suggestions for ID'ing those that failed due to hitting the API limits?  And any ideas on how to then get those to sync from SFDC into Marketo?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Potential issue with Marketo - SFDC Sync

Hi Lisa,

In this case, Marketo normally recover the sync where it stops and you should not loose records, provided that the sync jamming does not stop for too long.

But this is the theory and the reality is quite different. I would personally suspend Marketo sync for the 24h during which the limit will be exeeded.

And anyway, in case a record is updated on both ends during this "blackout" period, you will loose data (AFAIK, SFDC wins)