Personalized URL - Tracking?

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Personalized URL - Tracking?

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has had great success using Personalized URLs and tracking the leads that land on the specific page? Here is the scenario:

We are sending out a direct mail campaign to a large group of individuals who's emails have become invalid either from soft or hard bounces. We have their address information and will be mailing out postcards.

We are not collecting their information on the destination page (so there is no form). We are more interested to see which lead landed on the website and lead to an eventual registration for an event we're hosting. Unfortunately the event platform does not connect with Marketo so we will be uploading the static list (which is why we cannot use a landing page).

  • The personalized URL points to a landing page which is an automatic re-direct to a page on our website.
  • How can I see who has used the personalized URL and successfully been re-directed to our event page?
  • What Smart List filters could show this? I tried "Visited Web Page" and input the Landing Page URL, but I get an error saying it is not a valid URL

Would I need Munchkin tracking on the landing page? If so, what script would work best?

I can further clarify if the above example is not entirely clear, thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you can provide!

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