Person's data profile management

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Person's data profile management

Hi All,

As new legislations and policies come into place, it is becoming more and more clear how important is to be able to storage, access and manage a person’s data correctly.
For this reason most people that work with a broad range of different systems (MAP, CRM, etc.) are considering acquiring or developing yet another system that will integrate with all your other platforms and be used with the sole purpose of managing the person’s data profile (information, preferences, etc.).
I was wondering if any of you are thinking of taking this route and if so which systems are you considering?


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Re: Person's data profile management

Hi Mararena - we will be using OneTrust (I hope I'm not violating any community rules by mentioning this - especially since it's not our company) for this (as well as for cookie consent/management).  Once you have your website analyzed by a service by OneTrust it's pretty eye-opening how many cookies are being served by your website visitors.