Password Required for Adobe Connect Events

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Password Required for Adobe Connect Events

We just set up Adobe Connect in the Launch Point of our Marketo instance.  Upon integration setup I had to choose a participant password. 

Is there a way to override this feature and not require returning webinar attendees to input the password when registering for an adobe connect event?  During our test, the password worked for my email to register but not for another co-worker.

Also, do I need to write a flow step to change the registrant's program status to "registered" or will this happen automatically when they are added to the program through the event adapter.  I understand it can take 48 hours for registrant information to populate in the Marketo program.

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Re: Password Required for Adobe Connect Events

Hi Christine,

1. Yes, you do need to have a 'Change Program Status' flow step and change the user to "Registered". Doing this step in Marketo is what sends the registrant's info to your Adobe Connect environment.

2. About the Password -- you actually don't need to have the user type/create their own password in a Marketo form.  The "participant password" that you set in the Launchpoint settings becomes the default Connect password that gets assigned to all new registrants. Also, that Marketo-set participant password will NOT overwrite the password for returning users that have already-existing profiles in your Connect environment.

Example scenario:

  • Your 'participant password' in Marketo Launchpoint settings is "1234".  (There isn't a way to bypass this setting in Marketo, btw)
  • You don't have registrants type a password in the Marketo registration form.
  • Joe fills out your Marketo form to sign up for the session. He is a first-time registrant, so his Connect password (when he tries to access the live session) will be auto-assigned as 1234 by the Marketo settings.
  • Dan already has a Connect profile, and he made his password "5678" a while ago.
  • When Dan registers for your Connect event (via Marketo form), his password will remain 5678 when he goes to access the live session.

Hope this answers your questions.