pass requested link into autoreply?

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pass requested link into autoreply?

Forgive a beginner question...

I've built a landing page, with a form. The user fills out the form, which triggers a smart list to send an email. In that email, I've got the link to the landing page that contains the requested resource - webinar, white paper, etc. 

What I would like is to add a little automation to this, so I don't have to touch the automated email. Tokens and such are still new to me, but maybe that's the trick? How can I pass the URL to my landing page they requested into the email? here is your {{my.linkToRequetedResource}}.... that sort of thing? Anything to streamline and eliminate steps!

Thank you!

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Re: pass requested link into autoreply?

Hi Charles,

You are on the right way.

You will probably want to track the clicks in the email so you should remove the "http://" or "https://" for the token value and set the CTA link in the email to http://{{my.linkToRequetedResource}}.