Overwriting token result?

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Overwriting token result?

Good morning everyone!

We have some accounts that are owned by sales agents, a few owned by reps who no longer work here and also by a "placeholder" SFDC profile if they are in transition from an account exec to an account manager. If the sales rep works with us or they do not, all the tokens and defaults populate correctly.

However, if the account is owned by the placeholder SFDC profile, the tokens populate all strange: Ex: Jenn PlaceHolder instead of the defaults "Jenn Smith".

Is there a way to overwrite to the default in the email "from" email address and name?


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Re: Overwriting token result?

Hi Jenn,

You could have to create a script token to have this kind of logic. But then I am not sure you can use a script token to populate the "from" email address and name.


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Re: Overwriting token result?

Not the best way to go about this, as it's a bit down and dirty, but you could create new fields in Marketo for them and use those instead of Account Owner. That way you host the marketing information you want in those fields while the fields in SFDC remain unchanged.

Then you can run a batch campaign that says to change these new fields to whatever name and email address you'd like.

It's a muddy way to go about it, but will work in a pinch.