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Outlook to Marketo integration

I stumbled upon the fact that it looks like I can grant people access to email from Outlook using Marketo email templates.  When I try and search for articles to learn about what the feature does and does not provide... I get in the weeds technical config docs.  Could someone please point me to a feature discussion & then a configuration set of instructions for this feature?
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Re: Outlook to Marketo integration

The quickest way I've found to integrate MKTO with Outlook is through Sales Insight.  It allows Inisght users to do many things, inlcuding sending Marketo emails from both the CRM and Outlook.

Here is the deep dive on Sales Insight.  Held within you'll find general info about the product and its Outlook intergration.

A word of warning though:  Outlook integration requires Admin access.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Outlook to Marketo integration

Hi Parker, another thing that can help is to set up a license for yourself, and then explore it, and send emails to yourself via the connection. With Marketo, I've found it's almost always easier to learn by doing instead of reading the guides 🙂
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Re: Outlook to Marketo integration

I second Dory's point. I've learned more about the Outlook plugin by using it than reading in the community. Do you have some specific questions we can answer for you?