Opt in message: what option

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Opt in message: what option

Hi everyone,

We offer only one option to subscribe to our emails because we don't send enough emails to breakdown by type of email (whitepapers vs events invites etc...).

I have recently been advised to still put two options in my forms, one for opting in and the other one for asking not to receive any emails from us. For example:

  • Please send me relevant information from time to time about business technologies
  • Please do not send me any further information from your company

I was wondering if anyone in the community had tested this and if the results were positive?*

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion!


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Re: Opt in message: what option

We're using a confirmed opt-in email for our customers in the UK/Germany - but we're evaluating if this is the best option for 2018 with GDPR on the horizon.

It seems that including both of those could be tricky, especially if a user is just skimming over the text. Do you ever see submissions where the users have selected both options?

To avoid confusion, I'd go with the explicit opt-in and only include the first option "please send me relevant..." and collect the contact information you need. I do know that in many countries, like France, you are not allowed to have a pre-checked box, so make sure it's unchecked. If you decide to remove the second option, make sure your email footer clearly displays a link to unsubscribe, preferably a one-click unsubscribe, that doesn't make users jump through hoops or login to remove themselves from the mailing list.

As you scale, you can definitely build out a preference center, but that's not something you have to implement right away.

For more: The Ultimate Guide to International Email Law (Litmus) and The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing (Marketo).