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On Demand Webinar page

Is it possible to create a centralised location (website, landing page??)  to house all webinar recordings in Marketo? The Idea is so after our webinar is done we can perhaps use PPC to direct new leads to the page to gauge interest/engagement

we currently have the email set up in a way to send the user to the on demand recording via a landing page but is there a way to house all of our recording on to one centralised page?

Thank you in advance for your help on this

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Re: On Demand Webinar page

Hi Lillian,

I am not aware of a great way to do this inside of Marketo other than making one Marketo landing page that houses links to your different webinars which is not an ideal solution. Uberflip is a great application that integrates very well with Marketo that could be a good solution for you. It's an additional cost though.