Nurture Primary Contact on Opportunity

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Nurture Primary Contact on Opportunity

Hello everyone,

If I were setting up an engagement stream to nurture the primary contact on an opportunity in Salesforce, what would my smart list look like to isolate that person and not be sending content to everyone on an account that has a new opportunity on it? I'm having trouble finding a filter that would pick out just that one person.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Re: Nurture Primary Contact on Opportunity

Alec Hill

You can use the Added to Opportunity Trigger/Filter for this, with a constraint of Is Primary = True - e.g.,


One very unfortunate limitation is that the Is Primary constraint is NOT available on Opportunity Was Updated Trigger/Filter or Has Opportunity Filter.

So if someone gets added to an oppty and THEN gets changed to be primary, it would undetectable. (The same is true of the "Role" field.)

It beats me why contact role data is accessible in some places but not others.