Not open email + min number of times?

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Not open email + min number of times?

Hi Marketo community,

We're building a smart list of people who haven't opened at least 2 emails in 6 months.

Does this logic make sense? We want to make sure that if they only open 1 email, they still remain on the list.

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Re: Not open email + min number of times?

HI Laura,

No it does not.

  1. You need to combine with the fact that they were sent emails. Without a secondary filter, it will return your whole database.
  2. Marketo is logging activities and can check that a give activity is missing over a period of time, but missing multiple times does not make sense. as a result, whatever the min number of time, the result will always be the same

In fact I am not sure that you can really achieve what you are looking for. You need to know who was send 2 emails more than the number of email they opened. But in Marketo, if someone opens an email twice, it will record 2 "email opened" events. So if you sent me 10 emails and I opens one of them 10 times, a filter that says "was sent 10 and not opened 10 times" will not select my lead...