No scroll function on my landing page

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No scroll function on my landing page

Hi all, 

I've created an email with a link to a landing page where people returning goods can fill out a form with the necessary information we need. The form on the landing page is quite long but necessary. 

When I looked at it on my computer it was fine and I had a scroll bar to go up and down the screen. However, my colleague looked at it on hers and there isn't a scroll bar on the side meaning she could only fill out half the form!

Is there a way to sort this out or to make the form questions sit in more than one shorter length column? - And please speak simply, I've only done the basics training and have no experience with codiing.

Many thanks, 
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Re: No scroll function on my landing page

The issue your colleague is having is related to her browser. You can make two column forms. Lookinf for thr documentation now...