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New website coming online.

We are just beginning with Marketo.  Our current website will be replaced with a new website in about 45 days.   Should I do all the Marketo setup on the new site?   The homepage URL will be the same but all the others will be different. 



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Re: New website coming online.

Usually a new site takes up most of your bandwidth. But if you have the manpower, here are some things I would consider:

Cookie'ing visitors -- at least put the Marketo munchkin on your site so that you're not waiting 45 days to start tagging your visitors. The web histories should carry over, you'll just have to remember your old URL structure

Emails -- if you have an auto-responder system in place, it's probably not wrth re-inventing the wheel. But you should start now with any regularly scheduled emails you send. In fact, send more than usual if possible -- this would speed up the cookie'ing process mentioned above. 

Start the learning process now(?) -- if your people are overwhelmed with getting the new site up (that's our situation right now) you may create a negative experience by asking them to learn Marketo now. But if possible, it would be great if your team had a basic understanding in place before your go-live. Our team was switching from another system they liked very much, so it was helpful to transition them to Marketo a little slower.

Forms -- if you will be using the same forms on the new site, might as well create them now. 

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Re: New website coming online.

John - is bang on -

1. Old URLs should be redirected in any case - so that is not a concern

2. Only concern maybe the look and feel of the Landing Pages and Emailers. You need to take a call whether you want to "show" your new look and feel with the Landing Pages and Templates you setup now.