New Email Program Problems

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Re: New Email Program Problems

Yup I was experiencing the same problem as Dan yesterday.  We have 12 email programs and it's doing exactly that where I'm getting an error message that prompts me to refresh my browser, except for 1 email program.  These programs are using static lists, and once the email was delivered, the one email program that wasn't having any problems shows that the people who were delivered the email to, became members of the email program, but not the other 11 email programs that were having problems.  

I also wish that you can click on the clicks results or open results from the dashboard so you can see from that view who clicked on what link. 
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Re: New Email Program Problems

I've had nothing but issues with it. My smartlists will be larger than whats actually sent, even though I already remove those who will be blocked from send and other exclusions ... the reporting on the dashboard differs from what is shown when you create an email performance report ... I'm CONSTANTLY asked to refresh my browser only when working within the email program view... and as of yesterday, I scheduled a send that absolutely had to go out yesterday and according to the wonderful new email program feature I never set a time added the email and approved the program. All of which I know I did.

Pretty sure I'm done with the new email program tool and possibly Marketo all together. 
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Re: New Email Program Problems

Has there been any response from Marketo Support regarding the issues with the new email program? I think the tool has the potential to be really great with the ease of testing emails in various ways. Testing is a key component of my job and the current process in Marketo to test is a time-consuming pain in my side.

If someone from the Marketo team could respond to this thread and provide an update on these issues, it would be much appreciated.