Network Error dns_unresolved_hostname

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Network Error dns_unresolved_hostname


Receivers of our emails are complaining that when they click to a landing page they see this error message:

Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)
Your requested host "" could not be resolved by DNS.

This error is also happening on our domain as well.

This error started on Monday. I have checked the DNS records and they are still pointing correctly.  We can view the landing pages etc but users outside our domain can't. Can you shed some light as to why this is happening?
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Re: Network Error dns_unresolved_hostname

An issue with CNAMES, create a support ticket ASAP.
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Re: Network Error dns_unresolved_hostname

As I received a similar support case recently, I thought I'd post with some quick troubleshooting steps anyone can try.

1) Does the CNAME resolve outside your company network? Try accessing the page from outside your company network (via your cell phone disconnected from wifi, or take your laptop to a coffeeshop). If you can access it from outside your company network, then it may be an issue with your internal DNS configuration and you should contact your IT staff to find out why it's not resolving internally.

2) Try using a free DNS tool like MX toolbox to see where the CNAME is pointing:

DNS Lookup - MxToolbox

it should return for the "Canonical Name", where "accountstring" is the Account String listed in Admin > Landing Pages.

3) If it doesn't work outside your network, and the it appears to be pointing to the correct location, contact Support.