Need help with setting up my birthday campaign

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Need help with setting up my birthday campaign

Hi guys so wanted to send out a "birthday email" to my costumers every year on their birthday. I have found this article that clearly described the steps that needed to be followed : Sending a Birthday Message

I have set up my campaigns exactly the way that is explained in the article, just with one difference. I wanted to make my email more personalised to my audience, so I have created emails in 4 different languages that I planned on sending out to my audience from different countries that speak that specific language.

Please see the settings of my campaign in the attached screenshots.

The batch campaign is set to filter my audience and add every person who has his birthday included in the database and is not from certain countries (including Germany and Czechia) to the smart-campaign. The smart-campaign is set in a way that whenever it receives a lead, it will wait until the person has his next anniversary and will send him an email.

Of course before turning on the smart-campaign for my whole audience I have decided to test it out. I have created 4 "fake" users in my database. A user from Germany, from England, from France and from Czechia. They all have their date of birth on the same day. I have added them to a static list and added a filter to the batch campaign - to choose only people that are members of that certain static list.

I thought that when I would turn on the batch campaign I would only see 2 leads in my smart-campaign, the users from England and France, however I saw 4 leads there. All 4 members of my static list were in the smart-campaign. Nevertheless, this isn't such a big of an issue. The bigger issue is that the birthday email was not sent to them on the day of their birthday. Would anyone have any suggestions? Did I set my campaigns wrong?

Please let me know if any further details are needed or if I haven't explained the process and what I need clearly enough.