Multiple Emails From 1 Person

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Multiple Emails From 1 Person

Hey fellow Maketo peeps -

I was wondering if any of you have dealt with the following scenario:

  • We have a person in Marketo, let's call him Dave Smoot. Dave works at Intel.
  • We have him in our Marketo instance with email address
  • The Activity log indicates that mails are delivered successfully and he opens mails, clicks on links --  so the email address is valid and active.
  • We then get his name from a tradeshow list that has a different email address tied to it: (for argument's sake).
  • Dave monitors this mail too and opens mails etc... So again it looks like a good and active email address.

My question to you all is this: how do you deal with multiple entries of good email addresses? We don't necessarily want to merge the 2 email addresses as they are both valid. But if there was a way for them to both be tied to the same person (so we don't double mail the guy, for example) that'd be super helpful. It doesn't look like Marketo has a nested feature (like account hierarchies in SFDC) but then again maybe I'm missing something.  Anyways, would love to hear your suggestions!


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Re: Multiple Emails From 1 Person

I've seen people set up a '2nd Email Address' field and have a secondary address sat in this field so you can see there are two addresses, but you wouldn't be able to email both email addresses (that sounds like you don't want to do that anyways).

You could then merge both the records and still have a record of both email addresses.

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Re: Multiple Emails From 1 Person

Hi Troy,

This is definitely a unique situation and I am sure a lot of people handle it differently depending on their business. I agree with Juli about using a secondary email address field.

Check out this thread, Gregoire gives some helpful tips on creating 2 additional email fields and using a smart campaign.

One lead/contact, two email address's