Moving a program to another work space

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Moving a program to another work space

Is there an easy way to move a program and its child assets to a different work space?

I built out a series of programs prior to work spaces being defined.

It's been identified that several of these programs need to be moved in to a particular work space to ensure lead attribution and any automation runs correctly.

I've tried drag and drop and cloning, but both present errors of either not allows or assets are currently in use by the programs smart campaign, even thought the smart campaign is disabled.


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Re: Moving a program to another work space

Hi Matt,

There is actually a trick that would enable you to do this.  Support can enable your instance to import programs from itself the same way you would import from the Marketo Program Library.  Then you could import any program from any workspace to any other workspace whole.

Log a case with support, and we'll be able to get that set up for you.