Monitoring Timeliness of SFDC Sync

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Monitoring Timeliness of SFDC Sync

Hi, all.  Does anyone have a solution for monitoring how quickly leads get synced to SFDC after a trigger action?  In this instance, we'd like to create an alert that notifies us if a lead fills out a form, but doesn't sync to SFDC within 20 minutes.  This does not have to be a new lead, it could be existing people already in SFDC.  I've seen solutions for flagging sync errors and for new leads, but that's not what we need.  It's not a failed sync, it just hasn't happened yet and the lead could be new or existing.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Monitoring Timeliness of SFDC Sync

We created a custom formula field in Marketo/SFDC called "Marketo Sync Duration."  In a SFDC Campaign with Leads report we then compare the Created Date/Time with Marketo CreatedDate (set equal to today) and Marketo Sync Duration not equal to "".