MIGRATION : Eloqua to Marketo

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MIGRATION : Eloqua to Marketo


  • Focus on Acquisition
  • Manual Marketing
  • Lead Gen Inconsistent process and less leads generated
  • Prospect and Suspect focused
  • Data fragmentation
  • Inconsistent success Measurement

Migration Process Overview: 



What to Consider:

  • Inventory all of the assets and campaigns that are currently running – everything!
  • Develop a plan to turn on your Marketo nurture programs so that nurtured leads are not receiving the same content they received while in Eloqua.
  • Both Marketo and Eloqua integrated with the same CRM at the same time. Have a clear plan in place of how data is flowing between the systems.
  • Activity information like historical Click links in Emails etc are a manual migration.  The activity histories will not carry over.  If there is any critical information you will need to carry over in terms of behavior, you will need to do these in custom fields.
  • Start Your Scoring Model Over, document your criteria and point assignments from Eloqua. You can customize the default prospect scoring system in Marketo so that you can recreate a similar, or better, system.
  • Any historical program/ campaign performance you might want could be summarized and extracted in reports out of Eloqua.
  • Don’t forget your global assets.
  • Data - Make sure you don't miss bringing over your suppression list.
  • Make sure your system is prepped prior to migration (i.e. you have your fields in place etc)

Key terms translate across each platform:






Campaign Type

Program Tags (Channels)

Shared lists

My Lists

Shared filters

Smart lists


Smart lists



Campaign Canvas

Smart Campaigns

Engage and Profiler

Sales Insight






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Re: MIGRATION : Eloqua to Marketo

 Hi, that´s really helpful! I am working currently on a migration from Silverpop to Marketo and wanted to get an inventory from all campaigns to be moved. Do you by chance have a template for it?


Thanks again!

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Re: MIGRATION : Eloqua to Marketo

Hi @npasero, Sorry, I don't have any such template. But, you can create Excel or Google Sheet and create dedicated tabs for each item.