Metrics for Video Programs, Best practices

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Metrics for Video Programs, Best practices

The goal of any communication program is to ensure that the audience receives and acts on the message. How can enterprises measure the success of their video streaming programs?

In this INXPO video blog, Sean Keen explains how marrying audience data with business data can paint a vivid picture of the impact of streaming video messages.

INXPO helps clients track how many audience members are viewing the video message; the time they’re spending with the content; and their social activity, such as chatting with other audience members. Communicators using these metrics have a clear idea of how their messages are engaging the audience. But when these metrics are connected with internal business data, the impact of the message – that is, how it influences the audience’s behavior – becomes clear.

For example, an enterprise using video as a sales enablement platform not only can measure their sales team’s interaction with the messages but also determine whether those team members are generating higher sales after consuming those messages. Seeing the connection between video messages and their impact on sales performance can help in shaping both the content and delivery of future messages.

Combining audience interactivity metrics with internal business metrics is a powerful tool to understand how your messages are resonating with your audience and, even more importantly, inspiring those viewers to action.