Message From Support - Communications Change Coming 12/15/21!

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Message From Support - Communications Change Coming 12/15/21!

Hello Marketing Nation!  


Greetings from your Support team. I'm excited to announce an operational update rolling out on 12/15/2021, which will improve part of your experience when working with Support and shorten overall time to resolution for those cases which require us to request additional information.  


Instead of spacing our follow up requests out across a long period of time, or requiring customers to log in to the Support portal to provide the requested information, we’ve made it a lot easier and faster for our customers to send information back to Support. 


The information your TSE requested is included in the body of the email reminder, so it's no longer necessary to log back into the Support portal to find out what your TSE needed - simply reply to the message to add the requested information, ask questions, or provide an update. 


Currently, when a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) requests additional information on a case, an automated reminder process begins: two emails are sent from the Support Case, over a 15-day period, and if we haven't received a response by the 15th day, the system automatically closes the case.  


On 12/15/21 we will shorten this timeline to a total of 5 business days, with reminders sent every 2 business days until the 5th day, when the case will be automatically closed. Don't worry! It will still be possible to reopen a case within 10 business days, if you happen to have been out of the office or otherwise unavailable. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to read about this important change and thank you for your business! We look forward to working with you. 


Best Regards, 

Support Management