Re: Merge Leads but don't merge Score

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Re: Merge Leads but don't merge Score

Hi Zoe,

The root cause of this issue is that Marketo's merge feature sums the Leads score so the demographic score gets added multiple times.

Presumably you'd want the behavioral score to be summed.

Please write your local Marketo product manager and ask them to fix this.

Or Mike Allen, the VP.

They tell me "One day"  How about next Thursday?

This is a fundamental flaw in the application.

Zoe, of course you can export the results in RingLead, we just hid how to do it really well. 
See that tiny little floppy drive (what is that anyway?) beneath the  View Lead-to-Lead report? That's it.

Save report to csv.


The very best practice for optimizing your data is to focus on getting the data created properly at the point of creation.

A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Whatever it costs you to get the data right when it is created, it will cost you 10x (if you are lucky) to clean it it up later.

Don't do that. Clean up your legacy data and put the best preventative measures in place that you can

Don't forget to normalize your data before deduping it, you will see as much as a +600% performance improvement from batch dedupe applications, as well as considerable improvement in prevention.

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Re: Merge Leads but don't merge Score

I am using DemandTools for the same function. The only solution I have found was for lead-to-contact deduping. If you log a task and then use the subject as a filter in your Marketo MQL report (i.e. add a filter for "not activity was logged", subject = [whatever you put in DemandTools task subject]) This will keep the leads that push back to Marketo from MQL-ing at the time of deduplication. Any future action would push them to MQL since their score would still be over the threshold.

Agreed that this is super frustrating - both to me and our sales team! Would be great to have Marketo only merge behavior score, or give us options to customize based on needs.

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Re: Merge Leads but don't merge Score

I'm seeing this happen in our instance as well. However, it's happening with new leads that are created; Marketo is automatically merging their anonymous visitor tracking activity it collected via Munchkin. In this case, it appears I have no control over the lead scores being merged. In this case, I think I actually want the Person Score to increase, but the Behavior Score should increase as well, since it's primarily a score created because of web page visits. Is there a way we could trigger a workflow to increase the Behavior Score by the same amount when this merge occurs? If not, our Behavior + Demographic scores won't always = our Person Score. I don't think this is critical but it's a little messy.