Members of a list disappearing after upload

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Members of a list disappearing after upload


I just imported a static .CSV list and the results reflected the 29 people I had on the .CSV. I then went to use this list in a smart campaign and apparently there are apparently 0 people now in that list. I went back to check the people in that list and there are now 0.

This has reoccurred twice.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may be happening or how to avoid this from happening?

Thank you!

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Re: Members of a list disappearing after upload

HI Danielle,

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This really cannot happen automatically.

  • Go to your lead database and search for one of the missing email address. If you have workspaces & partitions enabled, do it in the workspace that can access all the partitions.
  • If you find the lead, look at the activity log of the lead an search for the "remove from list" activity and see what is triggerring it (click on the activity id on the left to get the details)
  • If you do not find the lead and you are sure you have searched the whole DB (in a multi-partitions environment), then it has been deleted. Searching on all your marketing activities where a delete lead flow step is can be troublesome, so in this case, ask support to tell you how there leads have been deleted. They will require that you provide them with some email addresses and an approximative timeframe when the import and deletion happened. and vote here: