may token value vary by stream?

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may token value vary by stream?

We have a program with two streams (English and Spanish) with Transition Rules to switch if they change language preferences.   The content only varies by language.   I've just learned that we may have a new "category of people" now - who will receive the exact same content EXCEPT we will refer to them in the emails as something like "members" vs "supporters".   We will use a combination of lead source and other factors to determine this difference - there is no SFDC or Marketo field that indicates it clearly.

Question:  is there a way to use something like tokens so that instead of two copies of all the English emails, I can define something like:  for Stream 1 use saluation X, for Stream 2, use saluation Y?  Any other ideas?

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Re: may token value vary by stream?

Hi Meagan,

You may want to use either dynamic content with segmentations, or maybe an email script token to achieve what you are looking to do.

Here is a good article Basic Email Scripting Examples for Marketers  by Kristen Carmean​  that may help.