Marketo - who is using it for more than just email?

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Marketo - who is using it for more than just email?

Leaders in my organization have been discussing the idea of a 'Communication Hub', a solution that orchestrates communications over time, to audiences segmented based on known data points, triggered based on criteria from other systems and customer behavior, across multiple channels.  When I hear this, it sounds like marketing automation to me, ala Marketo!  However, its unclear to me whether Marketo customers are really going beyond email?  Who can share experiences and success with using Marketo for other channels (SMS, Print, Web Personalization, or Mobile App integration)?


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Re: Marketo - who is using it for more than just email?

Hey Richard! Hopefully you'll get some good responses here. Marketo can definitely scale and orchestrate across channels, but it relies heavily on your organization having that vision of what should be orchestrated to then drive those connection points.


Since you asked for us to share our experiences, I'll share that we're not as far down the "orchestration" curve as others may be. We use Marketo mostly for email communication in terms of "pushing" communications out, but rely heavily on triggered campaigns to ensure these emails are as effective as possible and relate to a person's actions or inactions. We also use Web Personalization which helps us promote the right content to the right audience via our website.


In terms of listening and "pulling" info into Marketo to help trigger communications, that's where more of the orchestration comes into play for us currently, such as paid media, LinkedIn, ContentAI, website activity, SFDC data, etc.


In the future we're also looking into triggering direct mail fulfillment (via PFL), which is manually done through our Sales team currently.