Marketo Webex Integration

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Marketo Webex Integration

Hi I have a quick question regarding the Marketo Webex integration placeholder page. When people use their own unique link to access the webinar, and if the webinar is not open yet, they are taken to this placeholder landing page. My question is - if they're on this placeholder page and then the webinar opens up, does the page then 'turn into' the webinar, or does it remain as a static placeholder page and then people have to go back to their own unique link and click it again in order to access the webinar once it opens up?



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Re: Marketo Webex Integration

Hi Chris - as soon as you open up the webinar room in Webex the day of, they will be directed to it, rather then the placeholder landing page.  We have a message on our placeholder page saying essentially - sorry we are not live yet - try again soon - implying they need to refresh or just click the link in the invite again. You could certainly test the above but I'd imagine you'd have to refresh the page to be taken to the webinar.